There are plenty of digital sign companies, so why choose SQUIZZ Digital Signage?  The main reason is we’ve figured how to make digital signs and video displays that are easy to use, affordable to own and have a powerful impact on your business!  As small business owners, we knew digital signs needed to be part of our overall marketing strategy, but we didn’t want it to be time consuming or expensive. Makes sense, right? Well every system we looked at was incredibly expensive and required a PHD to operate. So guess what we did?  We invested a lot of time and money and developed SQUIZZ Small Business Edition.  It was our first SQUIZZ product and is still the easiest, most affordable digital signage system on the market today. Since then, we’ve developed SQUIZZPro, with enhanced functions and capabilities, but still incredibly easy and affordable and SQUIZZ Interactive, our custom solution to sophisticated video display needs. We are not a sign company. We are entrepreneurs, just like you and we want to be your partner in the fastest growing digital marketing medium in the world.


Any small business can benefit from using digital signage, for any number of reasons. At SQUIZZ Digital Signage, we won’t just sell you a sign, we’ll help you develop strategies to make your sign work.  Here are types of business already using SQUIZZ systems successfully.

  • Office Waiting Rooms: Several doctors and other professionals with extended wait times in their waiting room are using SQUIZZ to deliver information that drives improves efficiency, entertains guests and sells products and services.
  • Lobbies &  Registration Areas: Hotels using SQUIZZ are getting important information about the property or special offers in front of their guests.

  • Tradeshows: SQUIZZ is, by far, the easiest way to incorporate video into you booth display, getting you more inquiries.

  • Restaurants/Bars: Restaurants are using SQUIZZ for menu boards, for promotions and even entertainment.

  • Auto Dealerships:  A SQUIZZ digital sign in the showroom or service waiting area will pay for itself many times over and content is easy.

  • Theaters: Theaters are using SQUIZZ in their lobbies to promote upcoming movies, snack bar specials and even show trailers from current movies.

  • Grocery Stores: A well managed digital sign system in a business with this many products is a must-have revenue stream. Vendors WILL pay to have their products featured on SQUIZZ Digital Signs!

These are just some of the examples.  There is really no limit, other than your imagination, on how you can use SQUIZZ to make your business grow.