Did you ever notice advertising in sci-fi films set in the future? Blade Runner, Minority Report, Back To The Future…they all have something in common. You see digital signage everywhere!  These forward thinking directors saw a vision of the future and in it they saw digital signage as the future of advertising. So here’s the funny part. Blade Runner is set in the year 2019. I guess you could say the future is now.

That’s why digital signage is becoming more and more common, especially in small businesses.   According to a study recently published by, the total digital signage market is expected to grow from about $15 Billion today up to $23.76 Billion by 2020. That’s a growth rate of just over 8% between 2015 and 2020.   What’s even more remarkable is that just five years ago the total market was just over $4 Billion. When a multi-billion dollar industry is quadrupling in size in the space of ten years, it’s time to take notice.


Of course most of us do notice the large scale digital billboards and video signs by the roadside or in high-traffic areas like Time Square.  But the next time you walk into a bank,  a office building, hotel lobby, waiting room or restaurant, look around.  You will see a digital sign or some kind of digital advertising display in all of those locations.

A digital sign can inform and entertain the customer in almost any environment, but let’s face the truth. The real reason digital signage is being used so effectively is that we have a love affair with television. While books and newspapers are in decline, the mediums that have us staring at a screen are exploding.   From the days of Edward R. Murrow, to Walter Cronkite our love of and trust in television as a source for information and entertainment has shaped the last 60 years.  Today, borrowing on that trust, digital signage is shaping the customer experience for businesses large and small.


Think about how you use digital signage. When you go the airport, how would you feel if there were no digital signs pointing the way to your gate and confirming your flights arrival and departure?  We’ve all freaked out when we see that “Delayed” on the screen and had that feeling of relief when we see our flight is “On Time”!   When you walk into any business you are unfamiliar with, one of the first things you’re going to do is look for a sign to point in the direction you need to go in.  Map kiosks in most large stores and malls are some form of digital signage. How could we ever find the Cinnabon in the food-court? Knowing what’s going on and and what to expect ahead makes you more confident and more relaxed. Those are desired emotions to evoke from potential customers and you can do it with the power of digital signage.  People notice digital signage more than any other type of visual display and they react to it.  You will sell more widgets when you promote them on digital signage.

Squizz Digital Signage has developed an insanely simple, yet powerful tool to help small businesses tap into the power of digital media display.  The science fiction advertising of the future is here now. Our system is using the latest technology to allow you to literally pull content from almost any source and display your custom messaging in any location.  Most importantly, we can help small businesses do it affordably.

We’ve all grew up with television being our trusted baby-sister in our home.  It’s only natural that we inherently trust TV in the marketplace.  To find out more about how Squizz Digital Signage can help your company small business build trust with digital signage visit 


  1. This makes me wonder how digital signs are programmed now? There are so many ways to use these. My first thought was to display delicious photographs of what you sell – desserts or today’s special for a restaurant come to mind.

    Entrepreneurial types could buy these and start their own service businesses creating compelling signage for local businesses or even leasing TV/monitors with custom advertising.

    It would be great if you sold so many the price came down. Most businesses could use more than one of these – in the window to draw people in, over the counter where you order, and to upsell over the cash register.

  2. After reading this article, it becomes very clear how innovative this process could be and how many times I could have used this in our own business! What a great idea and truly, how simple, if you think about it. Thank you for sharing.

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