There is no industry that invests money in advertising and marketing like the automotive industry.  From manufacturers down to the dealer level, advertising expenditures are approaching $20 billion annually and include a mix of traditional advertising, along with an ever growing budget for internet, social media and other forms of digital marketing.  Advertising is the lifeblood of the car dealership.

One area where car dealers are still discovering new opportunities and untapped potential is “In-door” digital signage systems. Your best customer is the one already in front of you and digital signage advertising can be an incredible tool to drive incremental revenue growth from each and every opportunity that walks onto the lot. It’s one of the most cost efficient ways to add profit to the auto dealers bottom line.

There are three locations every dealer should consider placing a digital signage monitor.

  • THE WAITING AREA FOR PARTS AND SERVICE. (The best place of all!)


THE SHOWROOMcar dealer digital sign

A well placed digital signage TV, or multiple digital signage TVs, that can be seen throughout the showroom can enhance the customer experience and sell product features. In the image on the right, the digital signage TV is being used as a backdrop for the picture with the new owner.  Manufacturers supply a wealth of collateral to promote their various makes and models.  Using these professional designed images and videos on your dealerships digital advertising displays will help sell cars, but also associate the those quality images with your customer experience.  Some dealers use their own TV, Radio and Print ads from traditional media on their digital signage displays.  This is a great way to tie their advertising themes back to the customer experience in the showroom. That kind of imagery transference re-enforces you message and drives your customer to take action.

A client of Squizz Digital Signage, Modesto Toyota in Modesto, CA is using their showroom digital sign to promote community events and organizations they support.  People want to do business with businesses that care about them.  Watch this video and notice the digital signage TV in the background. What a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to the things that matter to your customers!


Another great location for a digital signage TV is in the show room window, facing outward towards the lot. A lot of dealers overlook this useful tool. People’s natural tendency at a car dealership is to look around the lot first. Every dealer knows getting people in the showroom is the key to getting a sale. A well place digital signage display encouraging people to come in is a low-cost way to help your sales staff get their ups, to sit down.

qr code on digital signOff hours shoppers come because they want to shop without being bothered. That doesn’t mean they don’t want information. Even when your dealership is closed you can offer powerful selling messages on an outwardly facing digital sign.  You could display instructions on how to follow-up online, your business hours or, like one dealer, offer a special discount for off-hours shoppers, by displaying a QR code on your digital sign that gives that shopper a special discount. You are only limited by your imagination.



THE PARTS & SERVICE WAITING AREAdealer waiting room digital sign

Digital signage advertising in a waiting area of your parts and service department has been proven to drive drive incremental business and can promote immediate action.  The best customer is the one sitting in your waiting room, already doing business. They are a captive audience and will respond to the right messaging.  The digital signage content here should be designed to inform and entertain. It is a proven fact that Digital Signage reduces perceived wait times by as much as 35%.  A few entertaining and informative videos mixed with your selling messages will make wait times seem shorter and drive immediate response business.

Imagine you are sitting in a waiting room watching a TV when suddenly a commercial comes on and says,

  • “If you’re sitting in the waiting room of XYZ motors right now, we’d like to offer you a coupon for a $10 oil change on your next visit. Got to the service window now to receive your immediate discount!”
  • “Are you going to need new tires soon?  XYZ motors will give you a buy 3 tires, get 1 free coupon right now. Just visit the service window for more details.”

If you own a car dealership, large or small, digital signage is a low cost, but powerful way to drive more business, enhance the customer experience and improve your bottom line. It squeezes more benefit from collateral and content that’s already created and maximizes the potential of every other advertising dollar you spend.  If you’d like to find how Squizz Digital Signage can work for your dealership, CLICK HERE to send us an email and find out more! 

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