If you own a small business, chances are you’ve seen examples of digital signage or perhaps you’ve even considered adding digital signage to your overall marketing strategy. Digital signage is an investment in hardware and software that directly relates to improving your customer experience but also leads to revenue growth!

Consider some the following statistics gleaned from studies published by Arbitron, Datatrend and the industry website

  • Restaurants that use digital menu boards see a 38% increase in promotional item sales and an overall increase of 21% per ticket average.
  • Retail stores using digital displays see an average of 32% increase in sales volume
  • 81% of consumers indicate they are interested in video content they see in stores and 68% of consumers say they are influenced to buy products advertised through digital signage.

These are some incredible numbers when you consider them in the context of the cost and ease of use of a Squizz small business digital signage system.  If you could invest less than $1000 and have a 32% increase in sales volume, would that be a good return on your investment?

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we here at Squizz know that small business owners are challenged with limited time, people, resources and budgets. For some, the technology of digital signage seems to be to complicated. Just another thing to add to you busy schedule.

With Squizz, any small business owner can take advantage of the huge impact digital signage can have on your small business because it’s so simple to use and it’s very affordable! Squizz even offers payment plans so you don’t need to have a lot of money out of pocket.   Digital signage is a must-have for small businesses that want to stay competitive.

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