Digital signage can be used to communicate all kinds of important information, and not just for small business. Organizations like schools, churches and government agencies always need cost-effective and efficient was to communication important and even vital information. Squizz Digital signage is the perfect solution.

A great example of this the Squizz digital display system recently installed at the main headquarters of the Oakland Police Department.  With a limited budget and an important need to help improve internal and external communications, the Oakland PD chose Squizz as the latest tool in their Communications Department.

The system was specifically designed to make it easy for the staff in the Communications Services Department to give both employees and visitors important information that could, at times, change quickly. heading-on The digital display at the main lobby area shares information with the general public about programs like Crime Stoppers and D.A.R.E.  Most wanted bulletins with photos are posted along with flyers about proactive crime-fighting initiatives and community based policing programs.

A second Squizz digital display monitor location in a staff-only area displays logistical, tactical, and intelligence information, training announcements, local news and even birthday wishes or upcoming sports tournaments to keep the staff up to speed.

The Oakland Police Department chose Squizz to deliver this important and vital information because of two main reasons. The first reason was ease of use.  Once the Squizz sales team did a live, hands-on demo of how the system worked, their communications team recognized immediately that virtually any team member could change the content using the simple drag and drop interface. The second reason was cost. Budgets are always of concern with public entities and in the competitive bidding process, no other company could come close to Squizz’s price point.

Simple. Powerful. Affordable.  A great combination for improving communications with Squizz.

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