Dave RessaAfter 40 years in the auto body business, Dave Ressa at Da-Les Auto Body has figured out how to fix everything on a wrecked vehicle. Knowing how to do the repair work has never been a problem. But the award winning work Dave and his staff do doesn’t guarantee new business.  That’s why, as the owner and manager, Dave spends a lot of his time focusing on advertising and marketing to find new business, remaining competitive and make his business more profitable.


That’s why Dave turned Squizz Digital Signage. Digital Signage in the automotive industry is a proven way to promote products and services to a captive audience sitting in a waiting room. Ressa’s waiting room already had a TV for entertainment and Wi-Fi for his customers, but he wasn’t using those tools for his business.

When Squizz showed him how easy it was to turn those existing assets into a powerful marketing tool, Dave brought his own creative ideas to the table and began to develop his own digital sign solution that any small business should want to emulate.

“We were looking for a way to show our customers our list of insurance companies we can work with directly. And we also wanted to show some of our before and after pictures. Real success stories”, said Ressa.

Not being a tech guy, and having limited time in the workday,Ressa wanted something simple and easy to use. Squizz was the perfect solution.  But when he saw how simple it really was to use the Squizz digital signage system he took it a step further.

“I was going to have to purchase some new workplace safety posters for the shop area. I found out that I can use the Squizz system to display images of the posters on a digital signage monitor instead.”, said Ressa.

The cost of the posters went into the monitor for the shop area which will also display company safety messages. The good news is that the ability to display prominent safety messages in the shop area using Squizz will actually help Ressa get a discount on his insurance.  “It easily will pay for itself.” said Ressa.

Besides a digital signage display in the shop area, Ressa plans to put a sign in the customer waiting area to DA-LES LOBBYshow before and after pictures and one in his office to use during customer visits and presentations.

He’s thinking digital signage in terms of fun and profit.

“I am going to start letting Insurance Companies advertise on them my signs and when my customers, friends and business associates stop by my office, I’m going to use the Squizz system to display some of my photos and videos from my hunting trips. “

Da-Les Auto Body is located in Sunnyvale, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley and has been named the number one collision repair facility for the past 3 years by Consumer Business Review. Now, they are also the latest company to choose Squizz as their small business digital signage solution.

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