“This system is a breakthrough of simplicity for digital signage.”

The SQUIZZ Small Business Edition was designed to make launching your digital sign quick and easy. The only hardware you purchase from SQUIZZ is the SQUIZZ Media Player.   This device plugs in to any HDMI-ready TV, making that TV your digital sign! The stick uses your Wi-FI network to connect to the cloud-based, content manager, so anywhere you can put a TV, you can have a digital sign!  We designed the system to use virtually any type of image, video or document file as content, so instead of building content within SQUIZZ, you can use use what you already by just uploading those files to SQUIZZ.


CONTACT US HERE and your Squizz Media Player will ship within 5 to 7 business days, but you’ll be able to start uploading files and building sign content immediately by logging into your online content management account.

Content can be virtually any type of image, document or video file.  SQUIZZ uses a simple drag-and-drop interface and automatically converts your files, sizing them correctly and letting you choose the length. You don’t even install software on your computer! It’s all done in your browser!


Building Your Timeline

What you will actually see on your digital sign is determined by what you place on your SQUIZZ monitor “timeline”.

You’ll love how easy it is to build great sign sequences with the SQUIZZ timeline.  Simply drag and drop media clips you’ve uploaded onto the timeline. You can add, delete or rearrange them in any order.  Once you put a file on the timeline it automatically downloads to your SQUIZZ Media Player.

  • The SQUIZZ Media Player plays back your timeline with a smooth transition between each clip. Once it reaches the last clip it automatically loops back to the beginning and starts over.

  • By placing clips on your timeline multiple times or changing the order you can create a custom message that emphasizes whatever you want.

  • As you build your timeline you’ll be able to see exactly how it will look in the Preview Monitor.  Any changes are instantly updated.

  • SQUIZZ automatically resizes clips to get maximum fit on the screen. There is also a feature that allows you to place a text message with a transparent background over any clip.

Creating high-quality, professional signage is easy and affordable with SQUIZZ!

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