The Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, CA has been relying on Squizz Digital Signage for over three years. With that long-standing relationship in mind, the board of directors for the center turned to Squizz for help in repurposing a key area of the main lobby.

In February of 2017, after several months of planning and development, the Lesher Center unveiled their new video display in the main lobby. Lesher partnered with Squizz Interactive to transform what used to be a static, donor recognition and seat sponsorship display, into a dynamic video messaging center. Now marketing and messaging for virtually every aspect of the Lesher Center and it’s various programs is on constant display for the public.   The before and after pictures below show the transformation.

“You can’t fully appreciate the dramatic change from what they had to what we installed until you see it in person”, said Chris Oar, President and founder of Squizz Digital Signage.  What Oar is referring to is how the previous display was basically a large framed poster.

(Before) Lesher Center for the Arts donor recognition wall in the main lobby.

“The original display was very elegant but limited in what it could offer. When Scott (Scott Dennison, GM of the Lesher Center) let me know what they were looking for, I knew a custom designed Squizz Interactive system would be perfect”, said Oar.

The project was put out for competitive bid with Squizz being selected for delivering the right combination of cost verses capability. With Squizz Interactive projects, Squizz project managers combine hardware and software from various third party sources into a turnkey system in order to meet budget and functionality demands.

As you can see below, the large format video monitor now provides a stunning display with dynamic content that can be regularly scheduled and updated by the Lesher Center marketing staff.


(After) The Squizz Interactive digital video display center in the lobby of the Lesher Center for the Arts

Since 2015, it’s 25th anniversary, the Lesher Center for the Arts, in conjunction with the Diablo Regional Arts Association have been focusing on modernizing the technology at the center as way to lay the foundation for the next 25 years.

The Squizz video display is another advancement of the technological capability.  With the new system, the center can not only recognize donors and patrons, but they can also display promotional and marketing videos for shows, projects, special events and corporate partnerships.  There is really no limit to what can be shown on the monitor, thanks to content management system that powers this new sign.

“This system can display multiple images and videos and can even stream live feeds from external sources, including internet feeds.  The best part, however, is it’s ease of use. One of the hallmarks of every Squizz System is making sure it can be up and running quickly and that you don’t need a lot of special training to use it.”

This system, as with other Squizz digital signage systems like Squizz Small Business Edition and SquizzPro, is not complicated to use.  It also allows the marketing department to make good use of collateral they already have.  Videos of performances, poster art and other marketing materials are easily incorporated into digital content for this display.

With the new system in place, the Lesher Center for the Arts is looking forward to incorporating more and more of this technology in their marketing efforts and Squizz Digital Signage is looking forward to being a partner on this and other Lesher projects in the future.

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