SQUIZZ Interactive is not a single product. Instead it is a SQUIZZ managed, custom solution, for your unique high-end video display needs. When you're ready to be on the cutting edge with digital signage, it's time to get Interactive with SQUIZZ.

With SQUIZZ Interactive, we can incorporate multi-screen arrays, video-walls, custom designed LED displays, interactive touch screens and more! This is the level where one size does not fit all. We've done our homework. We know the best monitors, the most capable software and the most powerful servers to drive the types of video display systems that stop people in their tracks. We also offer expert installation, training and support on all systems we provide.

If you have an app or a website you want to display on a touch screen monitor, SQUIZZ can do that. We have our own proprietary hardware/software solutions, like the SQUIZZ Box. It's a powerful mini-computer, loaded with our custom firmware that can host your website or app and feed the video output to a large format touchscreen monitor.

If you want a multi-zone video display that spans an entire wall, SQUIZZ can do that. Since every application for this type of sophisticated video display is unique, we don't try to push just one product or brand. The digital video display industry is growing exponentially and the technology is advancing rapidly. Our expertise will save you time and thousands of dollars by helping you find the right components.