SquizzPro, the enhanced version of the Squizz Digital Signage content manager, is now available. After more than two years in service, the Squizz Small Business Edition digital signage system has proven to be not only incredibly simple, but also amazingly reliable.  Now with the release of SquizzPro users will have an array of new tools and features to enhance their ability to incorporate digital signage into their overall marketing strategy.

So what’s new with SquizzPro?  The most notable thing is the look and feel of the user interface.  SquizzPro has sleek, clean design that keeps the simplicity Squizz SBE users love, but makes the new features easy to access and understand.

After logging in, users will find four panels. Media, Playlists, Schedules and Displays. The Media panel links to the Media Uploader where image, document and video files can be uploaded and stored.  It functions essentially the same as the drag-and-drop interface from Squizz SBE.

The Playlists panel links to a new area where SquizzPro users are able to create and name an unlimited number of playlists. They can also change the length of time a file displays within each playlist.  The main reason for this new features is SquizzPro allows users to schedule playlists at different times.

The Schedules function does exactly what the name implies. You can take any playlists you’ve created and use them to create and name an unlimited number of schedules.   For example, a clothing store could have four playlists, Women, Men, Children, Sale.   They could then create a Schedule called Weekday and one called Weekend and program the Sale playlist to only run on the weekend and the other playlists can run during the weekday and weekends.  There is no limit to the number of playlists and schedules you can create.

The Display’s  panel is where Schedules get assigned to specific monitors.   For example, a monitor might me named Front Window and one might be named Behind Counter.   You can choose a Schedule to play on a specific monitor and since schedules have start and end times, you can assign multiple schedules to the same monitor.

All of these functions are as simple as setting a timer on your phone or attaching a file to an email, but don’t let the simplicity fool you.  With SquizzPro you have unlimited options to display and manage content on multiple signs and you can do it all from your browser. There is even an option to display the current time, weather and custom messaging.  In short, where Squizz SBE is designed as a super simple, entry level digital sign system, SquizzPro is everything most business will ever need for digital signage and Squizz kept it easy to use.  There is no other digital sign system with this kind of capability that is this simple to use.   We will have a live demo available soon. Keep checking our website, http://squizzdigitalsignage.com/products/squizz-pro/.


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