The Squizz Digital Signage system is still relatively new as a business-ready product.  It took us a couple of years to figure out a way to make digital signage for small business truly simple.  The original goal was and always will be to make sure Squizz digital sign systems are easy to use and affordable.

Now that Squizz has been proven in the marketplace with many clients, we’ve been getting great feedback on what they want to see next.   That’s why, right now, we are developing SquizzPro.


The original Squizz System, what we refer to as the Squizz Small Business Edition, has been perfected and works like a charm for any small business needing an in-expensive and easy-to-use digital sign system. On those two counts, Squizz is unmatched.  With Squizz Pro we plan on introducing increased functionality and capability, but continue to keep the user interface simple and intuitive.

Here are some of the basic functions our customers have been asking for, that will be included in the SquizzPro version.

  • TIMELINE ASSIGNMENT: We want our users to be able switch which the timeline a monitor is displaying to a different timeline by simple clicking a button in the content manager.  This will make it easier to keep sign messaging fresh and up to date.
  • START & END TIMES FOR TIMELINES: This will allow even more control over what content plays and when. For example you have a restaurant and you want your digital sign to display lunch specials from 11:00am to 2:00pm and switch to dinner specials from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. You’ll be able to set this up in advance and not have to worry about it.
  • WIDGETS: If you want you digital sign to multi-task SquizzPro widgets will be the perfect tool.  The screen will be divided into sections and you’ll be able to use the entire screen for your message or you can use part of the screen for your advertising message and part for a Time & Temp widget.  Maybe headline news widget for the latest news updates.
  •  CUSTOM CONTENT: We hope to make Squizz and SquizzPro even easier by offering the ability to download pre-designed content for your sign either free or for a small fee. Maybe you don’t have fresh content or the time to make it. Download a generic or industry specific image or video  and drop it on your timeline.

These are just some of the exciting new changes we are working on for SquizzPro.  Keep checking our website for updates on our development of SquizzPro, but in the meantime, CONTACT US to get started with the worlds simplest digital signage…SQUIZZ!

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