SQUIZZpro is a step up from the Small Business Edition. It adds enhanced levels of functionality that give you extraordinary power over managing and displaying content, while maintaining the simplicity that makes SQUIZZ so easy to use. SQUIZZpro has a different user interface (see image below) to reflect the enhanced functions.



*The Media Uploader allows you to upload virtually any image, video or document file to be used as content for your sign. Files you upload are stored in the SQUIZZ cloud servers and can be utilized from any location.

*The Playlists in SQUIZZpro, replaces the "timeline" of the Small Business Edition. It still uses a simple drag and drop interface but with SQUIZZpro you build Playlists, independently, because they can be assigned to any monitor. You can have unlimited Playlists using uploaded files, giving each playlist a unique name. Playlists can also be moved from one monitor to another.

*The Schedules function in SQUIZZpro gives you even more power over content. You can schedule any Playlists to run at any time on any monitor. Those schedules can be done well in advance meaning you can plan a strategy and have it run automatically.

*The Displays function lets you assign specific Schedules and Playlists to specific monitors. Combined with the scheduling feature, this allows you to keep sign content fresh and updated.