Ken McCall, CEO Pacific Media Group-Modesto, CA
“As an Ad AgencySquizz Digital Signage - Ken McCall Testimonial for 27 years, I've watched technology change dramatically!  New technology is always a priority with my team and and we were thrilled to be able to offer the ‘Squizz Digital Signage’ system to our clients.  After researching several other systems, we found that Squizz delivers a simple, cost-effective solution for our clients who need digital signage. We've installed Squizz at Modesto Toyota and Lodi Honda to rave reviews. The ways to utilize its power are endless. Highly recommend Squizz to all retailers!"
Andy Herbst, Owner/CEO of Rock-N-Roll Tequila
Squizz Digital Signage Rock n Roll Tequila Testimonial
"SQUIZZ Digital Signage is a perfect way for us to market our Tequila to expand our branding. My Marketing staff love how easy it is to use, and how simple it is to manage content! We are planning on using SQUIZZ nationally and are excited about our partnership!”
Robert Pozzoli, Owner, RuralQuip Australia
 RURALQUIP "Since moving to my new 10,000 sq.ft. showroom, I have had numerous customers comment on how much they enjoy the new SQUIZZ Digital Signage I installed last Fall. Sales Reps have been eager to be a part of the advertising opportunity. My original purpose was to enhance the look of the new showroom, but it has since turned into a small profit center as Vendors are lining up to be on it! Great idea!... not sure why every small business doesn’t have one!"
Scott B. Denison, GM-Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA 
 Derek Perez, Co-Founder, Z-Track 360 Inc.
 squizz Testimonial
“SQUIZZ is a must-have revolutionary device for any business wanting to promote and stream instant videos, documents and photos. I have Automotive Dealership clients all over the country who are utilizing SQUIZZ to get their messages across to their customers. An absolutely brilliant product, I highly recommend SQUIZZ to any business!”

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