In the hospitality industry, the guest experience is the only thing that matters. Even modest hotels can get rave reviews because the guests have a great experience. That guest experience truly begins the moment they walk into the hotel lobby. More and more, digital signage is playing a key role in the guest experience for not only large hotels and convention centers, but also small hotels geared towards the budget traveler.

The idea of “digital signage” has actually been utilized for decades in the hotel industry, mainly through the use of “hotel channels” on in-room TVs. Turn on the TV in your room and it’s likely to default to the hotels internal channel which is used to inform guests of hotel amenities, restaurants and trailers for in-room movies.

Now an increasing number of hotels are using out-of-room digital signage systems, which are specifically designed to enhance the guest experience. Take for example the hotel lobby. In larger hotels, digital signs can contribute the atmosphere of the lobby by providing visual and audio imagery to set the mood for the room. Information can be delivered to guests without having to tie up staff. A well managed digital signage campaign answers questions 24 hours a day.

Shattuck Hotel lobby pic 1The Hotel Shattuck Plaza in downtown Berkley CA is a great example of a non-traditional use of digital signage in a high end boutique hotel.  This historic building cannot be “wired” and retro-fitted to accommodate most modern digital signage system, but with Squizz’s wireless technology, the hotel was able to place small digital signage screens at the entrance to the lobby elevator.  They’ve used this screen, in particular, to promote their bar 5. You can probably imagine that downtown Berkley, CA has a lot of choices for late night entertainment. By capturing their guests attention in the lobby at the elevator, Hotel Shattuck Plaza has been able to drive traffic to their bar and boost drink sales. They also promote a safer evening experience since guests can simple walk back to their room.


For large hotels with conference centers digital signage is the absolute most cost-effective way to provide way-finding information small or large groups of people and as the information can change continuously, digital signage that can be changed easily just makes sense. It’s the difference between having a couple of staff members move signs and sign stands around verses one person making a few keystrokes on a computer.

A great opportunity for smaller hotels is in the continental breakfast room.  This is a natural gathering area with a captive audience that can be given news and weather information, or instructions for check-out and shuttle service. It’s also very common for third parties to seek out advertising opportunities on hotel digital signage systems. Local restaurants and attractions want your hotel guests to visit them and your digital signage system can influence those choices.

Squizz Digital Signage systems are scaleable for any hotel application.  From one sign to several, what makes Squizz the right choice is the ability easily and install, and more importantly, easily manage your signage content, so you can focus on delivering a great guest experience.


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