The waiting room at your doctor, dentist or local car repair shop is not what Tom Petty was singing about in his classic hit song, but it could have been. For many people the extended wait time in a waiting room is not only not enjoyable, it’s almost unbearable. You can either stare at your phone, read a magazine or stare at the person sitting across from you. However, for businesses utilizing digital signage and video display messaging, the waiting can be useful and engaging for the business and the customer. With a well planned and well managed digital signage program, your waiting room can be a focus group for new product testing, a source for up-selling existing products, a messaging center and even a tool to speed up the waiting.

Most businesses will try to minimize wait times for their customers, but that is not always possible. In this article, we’re going to look at three different types of waiting areas, notorious for long wait times, and discuss how digital signage can improve the experience of customers who are waiting. We’ll also look at a few ways this captive audience can be turned into better business.

First let’s look a few basic principles. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “time is relative.”  Relative to what?  Perhaps these well known phrases can shed some light on the matter.

“Time flies when you’re having fun!”  “It seemed like it took forever!”  “Is it over already?” “When will this be over?” 

All those phrases could be said about the exact same amount of time.  That’s what we mean by time is relative. The amount of time you perceive is relative to the activity in which you are engaged. Sitting and waiting on something to happen, with no mental or physical engagement, can seem to drag on forever.  That’s a negative perception you don’t want your customers to have about your business. On the other hand, a positive, engaging activity can create the perception that time has passed quickly. When that happens the idea of waiting never really enters into the customer’s idea of your brand identity.  That’s where Squizz Digital Signage can help.

In the picture above the people in the waiting room are in a traditional waiting room setting, with scattered magazines to help pass the time. They’ve even got a clock on the wall so they can track every excruciating second.  In the picture below, there is only one small difference. The owner of this business placed a video monitor in the waiting area.  Notice how everybody is looking at the screen.

It’s almost impossible to not look at the video monitor in this situation.  It is not only a welcome relief from awkwardly trying to avoid staring at the other people, it is also a part of our social conditioning.  From our phones to our computers there are video screens in front of our faces almost every waking hour of our lives.   The question is, are you taking advantage of this cultural conditioning to see “what’s on TV”?

There are any number of things you could display.  The “easy” way is to run a cable outlet to the wall and show CNN or Fox. You can also leave the remote control in the waiting room and let your customers decide what to watch, but that’s not really helping you or your business.  Some industries provide programming services you can purchase and display. You can also invest in a digital signage system and create your own custom images to display.

What Squizz realized a while back is there were not many of these alternatives that you could call simple, affordable and effective. That’s why got to work developing an alternative to the traditional digital signage system for small business.  What we realized is that most small businesses already have access to quite a bit of collateral.  Flyers, print ads, photography, videos PDF’s and document files, even websites are all advertising and marketing collateral that business owners create and use on a regular basis.  The problem with most digital signage systems for small business is that they require you learn content creation system that is proprietary to the sign and you don’t always have the staff or the time yourself to do that.  There are other digital sign systems that allow you to incorporate some of these elements, but there is usually still some requirement to convert or modify the files in order to use them.

With Squizz Digital Signage, both the Small Business Edition and Squizz Pro, the need to master a new type of content development system is no longer necessary.  Squizz can incorporate virtually any kind of marketing or advertising collateral into your Squizz Digital Signage system. If you have an ad agency that creates graphic designs, print ads or flyers, you can use those files with Squizz. Videos, document files, PDF’s, Jpegs and more, can all be imported and automatically converted and formatted to be used as digital sign content.  Since our digital signage systems have cloud based storage, all the files you upload into Squizz can be stored permanently and accessed from virtually anywhere.

You, or someone on your staff, may some knowledge using Photoshop, PowerPoint or some other type of software to create presentations.  Those file types can also be used with Squizz.

Even your website and social media accounts can be used with Squizz.  Squizz Digital Signage systems can be designed to incorporate RSS feeds from websites, social media videos like YouTube and Vimeo and images from Instagram.

The point is, that blank wall in your waiting room or that TV showing CNN, can be transformed into a content rich, video display, digital signage system that has powerful capabilities and it can use content you’ve already created.  It can capture your customers attention, drive behavior and inform them of important information that you want them to know.  There are countless studies now available that demonstrate the positive financial impact digital signage can have on a small business.  Efficiencies increase dramatically when messaging designed to increase efficiency is incorporated into a digital signage system.  The customer experience increases trust and loyalty in your brand.  With the level of monetary investment required in a Squizz Digital Signage system, it’s a mistake not to have one for your business. The positive impact Squizz Digitial Signage can have on your small business makes it a must have.   If you would like to become part of the fastest growing marketing trend in business, even greater than internet based marketing, contact Squizz Digital Signage today.


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