If you’re a small business owner, you may have considered installing a indoor digital signage or digital messaging system in some area of your business. If you’ve done any research at all, you’ve probably been overwhelmed at all the options that are out there. Since you’re reading this, you’ve discovered Squizz is one of those options and you may have some questions, like What the heck is Squizz?

Well, the word “Squizz” is an Australian term for “take a look!”  The founder and developer of Squizz is an Aussie by birth and that’s why we came up with the name Squizz. Our digital signage system is designed to make it easy for people to “take a look” at what you want to show them.

The more important question is, how does Squizz work? We have a short Squizz Video here that explains it in pretty simple language, but let me give you an overview.

Squizz Digital Signage is all about the application, the software, the code that make Squizz work.  That’s what makes Squizz easy and affordable. The Squizz app is so unique, it eliminates the need for expensive hardware, complicated installation and a need for special training on how to use it.

Here’s a check-list of things you’ll need to purchase with most digital sign systems.

  1. Monitors designed to work with the system.
  2. Hardware that sends the content to each monitor.
  3. Wires and cables to connect all the monitors to the hardware.
  4. Installation of all the monitors, wires and cables.
  5. Software to manage all the sign content.
  6. A dedicated computer to manage the content that is connected to the hardware that is connected to the monitors by wires and cables.
  7. Trainging and Support for the software and the hardware when it doesn’t work right.

You might even need to hire a new employee or train an existing one to focus on making sure you digital sign always looks good and runs right. After all that you may also want to include some vacation time to de-stress from your purchasing your new digital signage system, OR, you can purchase Squizz. Our system is driven by a revolutionary application that eliminates the need for expensive hardware. It does away with complicated software so it’s easy to use and it runs on Wi-Fi so installation is a breeze.

Here’s how the Squizz system works.

Our “hardware” consists of an Android Stick mini-computer loaded with the Squizz App. It plugs into any TV that has an HDMI port so you can buy your digital sign monitors on sale at Wal-Mart.  In other words, the big expense of special monitors and costly hardware is eliminated.  We’ve set up our sticks so you plug them in and they are ready to start using.

Our sticks run on Wi-Fi which means there is no installation and no cables to run.  Any place you can hang a TV, you can have a digital sign. No special separate system is needed.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.50.02 PMMost importantly, you don’t need special technical computer knowledge or even a special computer to put your Squizz system to work. The Squizz Content Manager is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any computer.  You can upload any image, document or video file into the Squizz system and it will automatically convert them into high-quality media clips ready to start displaying on your monitors. In other words, you don’t create the sign images within Squizz, you simple use images, videos or documents you already have for your digital sign.

If you can write and send an email, you can use Squizz to create amazing digital sign advertising.  You are only limited by your creativity. That’s what makes Squizz the world’s first, truly, simple digital signage system. It’s also the most affordable. Explore our website www.squizzdigitalsignage.com to find out more.

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