There are plenty of digital sign companies, so why choose SQUIZZ Digital Signage?  The main reason is we’ve figured how to make digital signage and video displays that easy to use and affordable.  As small business owners wanting incorporate digital signs into our business and marketing strategies, we looked for systems that were easy to use and didn’t require a huge investment. There wasn’t anything out there! That’s why we started this company and that’s how we approach every system we sell to every customer. Is this something we would want?


  • You can start with virtually any kind of TV that has an HDMI port. Many sign companies want to sell you expensive, “commercial grade” monitors, but with SQUIZZ you can get started with a TV you probably already have.
  • You use your existing WI-FI to connect.  You don’t need to run special wiring. You can put a sign anywhere!
  • There is no software to download, install and learn!  With SQUIZZ Small Business Edition and SQUIZZPro, the content manager is cloud based, so any computer can be used to upload files and manage content from any location. .
  • SQUIZZ is simple to use. Our If you can send an email, you have all the technical knowledge you need to run your SQUIZZ digital sign.
  • It’s easy to get started.  You can have a digital sign system up and running in no time, doing it all yourself.
  • You can use creative you already have for content content.   Most media file types (Video, Images, Graphics, Word Docs, PDF’s) can be used with SQUIZZ. You can use images, graphics and videos you already have or can get from a variety of sources.


Any small business can benefit from using the SQUIZZ Small Business Edition.  (Larger businesses with multiple signs and more sophisticated requirements will want to use the SQUIZZ Pro Edition.)  Listed below are some applications where we’ve already seen SQUIZZ be hugely successful.

  • Office Waiting Rooms: Several doctors and other professionals who can have extended wait times in their waiting room have begun using SQUIZZ to deliver information that drives improved business or entertainment geared towards a specific audience.
  • Lobby or Registration Areas: In a hotel setting, important information about the property or special functions are easily displayed.

  • Tradeshows: Incorporating video into a trade show booth greatly enhances return and inquiries. SQUIZZ makes it super easy to setup.

  • Restaurants/Bars: Restaurants can use SQUIZZ to promote special menu items, broadcast wait times or even display entertainment media.

  • Auto Dealerships:  Using SQUIZZ in the showroom or service area is a great way to use collateral supplied by manufacturers to upsell or focust attention to specif features and benefits available.

  • Theaters: Theaters are using SQUIZZ to promote upcoming movies and even show trailers from current movies.

  • Grocery Stores: Some businesses, like grocery stores, can use SQUIZZ as source of new revenue. Vendors are paying to have their products promoted on SQUIZZ Digital Signs!

These are just some of the examples.  There is really no limit, other than your imagination, on how you can use SQUIZZ to make your business grow.

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